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Emotional Awareness

family gathering

A Gathering creates a high frequency field

opening a channel for creativity, emotions, sexuality, spiritual connection and multiple life perspectives to come through. We hold a safe space where women and men feel and express themselves fully and step into their unique leadership. Once we understand the dynamics between each other, we begin to heal and bring our inner and outer worlds into balance. 

Sophie de Lacaze

Nuno Salema

Embodied Presence with Sophie & Nuno

We will meet every day to become present with/to our physical, emotional and energetic bodies. From that state of presence, we will interact with one another and the group exploring meaningful ways to connect, relate and empower each other. This workshop is designed for a continuous exploration of the six Principles holding the In Resonance Festival. You are welcome to decide to join the whole workshop after the first session.

Women & Mens Circle

A space to explore and share individual and collective topics about the masculine principle and feminine principle. Finding ways amongst women & men to acknowledge, accept and empower each other. Taking the chance within our community to create inner balance, trust and expand our creative potential as human beings. 

About Video clip

Peace of Shit is an improvised piece showing the cruelty in intimate love relationships. It is performed by body psychotherapists Sophie de Lacaze and Nuno Salema who have a background in dance and theatre and are now dedicated to work with couples supporting them to express fully their life energy and living more fulfilled lives in their partnership.