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Performance & Ritual

what is contemporary art

A meaningful action

which relates the performer and the witness in a sacred space, a space of matter were changes can be made. Here the means of the traditional theater, the make believe, and the embodiment of the forces change the space. The performance can be an exercise of faking until you believe it or, believe until it changes. The space is dedicated to support, reveal, and normalize the magic that is in us. We create a safe space for creation, to witness and to integrated the experience.

Performing Rituals with Rita Vilhena

Rituals circulate forces that are born in the body and have expression in it, other bodies and other things. This process can provide a deep and strong experience part of nature and culture. How can we access this phenomenon, how can it circulate and be intensified, can it derive socially? The workshop aims to bring you in contact with the healing power of movement and music to the performance ritual context. The practice will explore the symbolic and relational body movement, through the intensification of the ritualistic practice of action and the presence of the body in space and time. The intensive is aimed at all body researchers with physical availability to participate in practical exercises, interested in ritual phenomena.

Rita Vilhena

Zinn Da