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Jorien van Dam

Jorien van Dam In Resonance

Our body is a wise wonder. It speaks to us. Guides us. Tells us truth.
Yoga helps me to listen to and understand its language. Conscious movement and breathing can be medicine! Simple yet profound.Three years ago I followed a Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. It gave me the opportunity to share my passion with others; adults as well as children. I have been teaching in the North and South of the Netherlands (Maastricht and Groningen) and organised two yoga retreats in Portugal and Switzerland. Here I could bring my love for nature, community building, music, and body-work together.  At the moment I am in the middle of my Physiotherapy studies. It fulfils my wish to deepen my knowledge about our movement-system, and the way it interrelates with our psychological state and social circumstances. In my path of becoming a healthcare professional I aim to fuse eastern philosophy and western science, as I believe they are beautifully complementary.

Gentle Hatha Yoga Flow As we practice in the morning, we gently wake up the body through a short meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), followed by a series of Asanas (poses). The foundation of my classes comes from my Hatha education. ‘Ha’ means sun; ‘Tha’ means moon. It is the dance between these two, representing action and introversion, that creates balance. Apart from the traditional Hatha I include some dynamic ‘flow’ in my classes, as well as inspirations from other styles I have been practicing. Looking forward to see you on the mat!