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Samuel del Bello

Samuel del Bello

Thai-Yoga Massage

Samuel del Bello is a mover and life explorer. A vagabond who loves to play, to experience, to integrate and get inspired from diverse therapeutic fields and healthy movement practices which center the body and the mind. Deeply rooted in his own body and somatic experience outgrows the desire for connecting with the other, authenticly express and communicate, listen, move together, support, dance and rise each others up.

For him, the journey into healing arts first awakened in India, a decade back, during a Vipassana silence retreat. After that, he traveled to Thailand where he studied the traditional Thai massage. Ever since it has been an unfolding journey full of encounters and transformation. Other disciplines practiced and studied along the way are deep tissue and fascia realease,  Thai-yoga massage, therapeutic flights, cranio-sacral and belly massage. Always led by presence and intuition his approach is very based on the phisical body and its anatomy, through pressure and manipulations, bringing awareness, life and fluidity back to places in the body where before it feels stagnant and difficult to breath.

Happy to encounter you.