In Resonance Festival Vision

In Resonance is built around six Principles that will guide us into an inner journey of self-discovery and a collective shared experience with an international conscious community. 

Rituals and the invocation of the sacred are as old as our species. Since the dawn of days, human beings use elements such as fire and water to ritualize their visions and connection with the Spirit. The purpose of these actions is to transform the ordinary day-to-day reality into a space of higher vibration, where we can access what lays beyond the limitations of space and time.

The Principle Sacred Space invokes this extraordinary reality and through it we wish to make this gathering a safe space for exploration and deep connection. In a contained safe space, our systems start to relax and we transition from a state of doing into a state of being. We attune ourselves with our internal needs and access a field of higher self-awareness. To nourish the state of presence we need to integrate body and mind. In this gathering you find various and complementary ways to step into the 2nd Principle, Embodied Presence.

The quality of Embodied Presence invokes a deeper connection with ourselves and, simultaneously, enables us to connect with others from a different inner space. When we look and relate with the world from this place, we start to be in resonance with the people around us, seeing their beauty and vulnerability.

The 3rd Principle, Emphatic Resonance, invites us to see life as energy and vibration and how we can co-create a shared reality by attuning and resonating in the same frequency.

When in Presence and in Resonance, we access a state of Deep Listening, our 4th Principle. We connect to our essence and we are able to listen to the deep wisdom of our inner guidance. The creative impulses coming from our core are expressed in the world, giving us a sense of wholeness and full self-expression.

As we allow our core impulses to be expressed, the uniqueness of our being starts to shine through. We let go of idealized self-images and the fear of not meeting others expectations. To be in a state of Authenticity, 5th Principle, is to allow both: Our core qualities and our vulnerabilities to be seen by others, trusting that we will be received.

The integration of these Principles originate an Encounter of Self and Other, 6th and last Principle. An experience where time ceases to exist and the space of interaction becomes sacred. In such moments, we show ourselves in all our potential, resonating with the other by surrendering to the free flow of creativity and its healing potential.

Through this, we become leaders of our own life, empowering ourselves to freely express our life energy and allowing it to be seen in the world. By embracing our vulnerability, we connect with our biggest strength and our hearts become the doorway to perceive and interact with to the world.

This work is developed and will be led by Sophie de Lacaze and Nuno Salema the founders of the Holistic Embodiment for Authentic Leadership (H.E.A.L.)