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Mirka Hlavacova

Mirka wilderness survival

Wilderness Survival

While getting her BA in Biology and Education from Bates College (US), Mirka became intrigued with  transformative learning experiences in nature. She went on to study wilderness survival, naturalist knowledge, indigenous culture, and wilderness education at the Wilderness Awareness School, completing the 2-year intensive Anake Outdoor School and Leadership Programs. Following her studies, Mirka travelled and deepened her personal nature connection practice. During a solo survival trip in Northwest Spain, she felt called to return to Portugal, where she lived as a child, to share her knowledge and inspire people to live more nature-connected lifestyles. For the past 7 years, Mirka has been using her skills to offer educational programs and nature-connection experiences for ecoresort guests, school groups, and volunteers at the Quinta do Vale da Lama project, in addition to being a dedicated mom and gardener.