In Resonance Festival 

Aterra, Costa Vicentina Portugal, 17-21 August 2020. Live Music & Dance Festival in nature. With community building Permaculture & Awareness Workshops. Arts-, Kids- & Healing Spaces

Music with Farafi – African, Middle Eastern Fusion / Las Lloronas- Intimate Feminist Poetry / Mariana Root- Nature Medicine Chants / Malte Marten – Improvised Hangpan Rhythms

Connect with nature, access the spirit world, embark into the unknown and celebrate life and its renewal. A gathering for the international conscious community. Bringing together the different tribes, collect and share knowledge, love and compassion. Celebrating & Co-creating in the summer’s peak in the blooming south west of Portugal, the center of the new forming global community. A field of personal and collective transformation where we  transcend ourselves and connect with our unique being and purpose.

All prices are economical. Accommodation possibilities in your own tent, in your camper van, a simple rental tent or on glamours campsite. Big land, with rolling hills a lake and plenty of space to dance and celebrate.  Next Airport is Faro/ Portugal. Easy Jet & Ryan Air offer roundtrip from big cities in Europe for low prices of about € 160. Please consider to come by train or car sharing if you have the possibility.