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sustainable retreat

Connect, Regenerate and Collaborate

In our Eco Camp the participants will be introduced to theoretical and practical aspects of ecology, passing from the general vision to daily life details, having opportunity to involve their minds, bodies and souls. Through lectures, workshops, presentations and hands on experience we are going to expand our awareness of nature, connections and human role in the ecosystem. Our facilitators are mostly Portuguese, actively involved in the permaculture movement.

Connecting with Nature

  1. Lecture: Deep ecology – Reconnecting to our Nature
  2. Group activity: Observing nature –  a guided sensorial tour around the farm with a special attention to natural elements existing there, the relationships between them and their functions (Observing, sensing and understanding) 

Designing in Harmony with Nature

  1. Lecture: Permaculture – designing in harmony with Nature (history background, ethics, principles) 
  2. Open space discussion: Problem is a solution – role of design in building a more sustainable culture, examples of good practices  -Growing the network

Regeneration of Natural Resources

  1. Lecture: Regenerative agriculture (water retention, rainwater harvest, microbiology and importance of fertile soils)
  2. Building compost toilet


  1. Lecture: theory and planning
  2.  Group activity: Planning and planting agroforest

Collaboration for Sustainability

    1. Lecture: Local and circular economy 

Alicja Gladysz


Lesley Martin

José Mateu

Mirka Hlavacova