Art Space

Artwork Ella Franz

form the formless

The specialty of creativity is to bring the practise of awareness to an expression of one´s own language in the now. Through attentively feeling seeing listensing inward and outward we intuitively strive to connect with our environment, such as materials we find in nature. We sense colors and feel surfaces, using body movement and especially our eyes and hands to discover and touch. We find that we can form and bring to life something of our own expression.

„tune in“

An open space is given to what ever wants to take place with an offer of various materials like pens, colored pencils, paints, paper, scissors, glue, for painting, collage, or writing. This can take place with guidance if wanted and needed. 

-„intuitive practise“

Spending time, mostly kept non verbal, in which we get a chance to dive into our own depth. From a state of metitativeness and awareness we can best access our intuition. Knowing, through „feeling into“, we go on a quest to find something that best resonates with ourselves to work with. We find some time to share, who likes to.

-„for a moment“

This course focuses on creating something that only lasts a moment. The challenge is to practise to let go of a set goal, discovery of balance, of creation and destruction, harmony and chaos. 

Experience of natural forces like gravity and the nature of materials. Experiencing collapse and destruction as a chance to make space for something new and unpredicted. Transformation. Also gaining an understanding through testing the limits of materials, thought and time.

Ella Franz


grasping from a field of intuition 

For me creativity takes place in a field of not wanting and in pur presence in what is within and outside in the sourrounding environment. Through listening and looking, being aware, non verbal, the beingness starts to speak up and I feel drawn to touch a surface, to pick up and examine a stone, to sit down to apprechiate a flower, to listen attentively to a sound. And from there all ways of explorations are possible. The exploration of the self, the environment and its materials, called art, is one way I´ve been focussing on for more than 20 years. I´ve come to discover that there are as many ways of expression as there are artists, inventors, people, creators, beings on this world.