Join the In-Resonance Team

Building a festival from the ground up its creative community task; it takes a village. A village of determined, energetic and creative souls. Volunteering allows you to experience the inner-workings of the festival and connect on a different level. Together, we work to create something beautiful for each other.

We are interested in what unique qualities you can bring to In-Resonance. We gather volunteers from all across the globe so we can learn, grow, and forge new ideas together. We know that In-Resonance would not be possible without the help of caring and passionate volunteers. It is you who truly bring the festival to life. 

There are many ways to get involved. From tech support, to building, to curating the space: there are endless ways to get creating. Some of the teams are full exchange and others offer a partial exchange, so you have some options when it comes to how much time you want to dedicate. Full exchange volunteers will contribute 5-6 hour a day before or during the gathering and pay nothing. Partial exchange volunteers will contribute 2hours a day for a price reduction of 60 Euro.

Deadline to apply for a volunteer position is April 15th. To confirm your position, the balance owing is due by April 30th. The volunteer application is closed.


Build Up

Campsite & Parking